ONA EDM is to discuss its improved EDM applications with its Technology talks 2018 during the BIEMH

An unbeatable opportunity to get to know and discover the new EDM capabilities of ONA; an innovative technology company and cutting-edge leader in this EDM industry.

An unbeatable opportunity to get to know and discover the new EDM capabilities of ONA; an innovative technology company and cutting-edge leader in this EDM industry.


ONA will be present at the BIEMH 2018, to be held in the Bilbao Exhibition Center from May 28 to June 1; in Hall 1, Stand F03 with an exciting showing of both wire and die-sinking EDM machines. At the same time, on May 29 and May 31, it will be hosting the ONA OPEN HOUSE AND TECHNOLOGY TALKS 2018 in its headquarters in Durango.

Automation and leadership in large-dimension EDM

ONA has chosen the BIEMH 2018 to demonstrate its ability to carry out tailored automation projects aimed at optimizing manufacturing times and maximizing the efficiency of production processes. The Basque company has broad experience from simple to complex; from manual loading to highly integrated robot automation projects. We have designed in the ability to run long periods of time unattended if desired, inside or outside of a flexible manufacturing cell. We are a highly custom builder ready to work with customers on their EDM needs.

All visitors to the fair will be able to see two EDM machines at its stand (Hall 1 - F03) from May 28th to June 1st:
• Wire EDM. The ONA AV60 model with our mineral bed filtration producing firtree profiles in turbine discs for the aeronautical sector.
• Die-sinking EDM. The ONA QX8 model with a 40-electrode changer making a mold for the automotive sector.

In addition, anyone interested in EDM and aeronautics will have the opportunity to see an exclusive display of the parts of a turbine that are made with EDM. The Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Center (CFAA) and ONA will share a space at the fair where they will be exhibiting a large-size ITP- Rolls Royce gas turbine and some of the parts that were made by EDM on ONA machines.

The future is closer than ever

ONA is holding its ONA OPEN HOUSE AND TECHNOLOGY TALKS 2018, for all those people who, like ONA, are passionate about EDM. This event, which will be held on May 29 and May 31 from 3:00 pm, will help the visitor to appreciate ONA’s capacity as a trusted partner to develop customized solutions to fit the customer’s specific needs. Those attending will be given the opportunity to see a variety of custom and large machines running specific applications. Among them, a wire EDM model designed to cut turbine rings for the energy and aeronautical sectors, developed by ONA for the Russian company Nelidov.
The R&D team will be presenting real, customized solutions that have immensely improved the productivity of the most demanding clients by optimizing their production processes. They will be displaying several successful customer projects, outlining the starting challenges, analysing their needs and working together to development the best solution for each case. In addition, the applications team will be making parts in various wire or sinker machines in the showroom and answer any questions you may have about the new technology or current or future applications you may have questions on.
In reference to the OPEN HOUSE, ONA has designed an amazing journey through the world of EDM. There will be essential 20 stops to help you appreciate its full capacity and knowledge which will display their ability to provide innovative solutions aimed at improving the client’s business.
For this event, ONA has arranged transportation for our guest at the visitors’ convenience area. Buses will be departing every 30 minutes from BEC main entrance starting from 3:00 pm going directly to the ONA headquarters in Durango.

ONA Industrial Cloud

Industry 4.0 will also be present at the BIEMH and the OPEN HOUSE TECHNOLOGY TALKS, where ONA will be sharing the latest advances in its ONA Industrial Cloud application. This application is integrated in the ONA Smart Connect service, the Basque company’s strategic project with all the advantages of technology 4.0. in smart manufacturing.
This latest development from ONA will be on display, showing its use of digitalization for achieving the traceability of the parts made, of great benefit to a variety of sectors.

Additionally, ONA offers advisory or consulting services in EDM technology which provides reports for individual client situations and proposing solutions to maximize optimum performance. Its Technology and Process Service (TPS) aims at guaranteeing that each piece of equipment is the optimal solution for that specific application for that company. With ONA, the availability of high quality, approved spare parts and consumables anywhere in the world is guaranteed. In addition, they have comprehensive training program to help bring EDM closer to each user and make the process intuitive and simple.

Finally, it is important to understand ONA’s commitment to guaranteeing the best performance with maximum reliability for each of its projects. The company innovates new technology regularly in order to create higher productivity and better performance in their robust machines. ONA, as a European builder, designs all their machines using the highest quality European built components. It’s R&D department works together with different Technology Research Centers such as ILT-Fraunhofer and WZL-Aachen in Germany; Tekniker, Tecnalia, Ideko, UPV Bilbao, which is the Engineering school for higher Industrial Engineers in Spain as well as participates in European research and development projects (PROSECO, SAPHIRE).

Its excellence is certified by its clients, who rates the ONA machines overall equipment effectiveness at 98%; one of the highest ratings globally dealing with CNC machinery. It continual investment provides daily new, cleaner environmental-and human-friendly, production processes. This is in line with its commitment to the environment. Clearly an example to follow in the EDM industry.


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