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Machines designed to facilitate the automation of work of every kind.

The mechanical design of the fixed bedframe allows wide travels on the X and Y axes, a high load capacity and high stability.

High-speed pulse technology, which allows to get the following results:

  • Shorter machining times in jobs that involve very difficult flushing. 
  • More homogeneous finish on large surface areas (VDI 20 - Ra 1.00 µm on 225 mm²).
  • Very deep grooves can be machined, with the highest quality and precision guaranteed (VDI 20 - Ra 1.00 µm up to 100 mm).

CNC with Expert Erosion System that ensures 100% performance without supervision (with surface finish to VDI =0 - Ra 0.08 µm).

New SAAC system that maximizes generator performance in erosion work involving evolutive surface electrodes. It is particularly apt where the workpiece has little area at the outset.

8 axes controlled by the CNC The CNC ONA-S64 incorporates the function A-SPACE (axis for erosion in SPACE). With this function, any programmable CNC erosion function (spheres, taper machining, orbital machining, vectors, etc.) can be carried out in any spatial direction. 

Large cost savings. The filter fitted in the QX machines is totally automated and guarantees over 10,000 hours of operation with zero maintenance costs. Filtering quality is excellent (1 µm).

X-axis travel 1000 mm 39.4 in
Y-axis travel 600 mm 23.6 in
Travel of the electrode holder 500 mm 19.7 in
Max. distance between table and platen 760 mm 29.9 in
Worktank internal dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 1700 x 1000 x 600 mm 66.9 x 39.4 x 23.6 in
Work table dimension 1200 x 800 mm 47.2 x 31.5 in
Allowable weight on the table 4000 kg 8800 Ibs
Type of work tank Drop door Drop door
Maximum electrode weight 200 kg 440 Ibs
Minimum roughness 0,08 µm Ra 0.08 µm Ra
Intensity of the generator 100 / 200 A 100 / 200 A
Additional elements:
Superfine-Finishing power supply (finishes to VDI=0) Standard
Long life filtering system (min. 10.000 working hours) Standard
Fully automated filtering unit Standard
Erosion Expert System Standard
Linear electrode changer with 9 to 18 stations Optional
Rotary electrode changer with 40 stations Optional
Full contouring and helicoidal capabilities C-axis Optional
Hand controller Standard
Generator of 200 Amp Optional
Generator of 400 Amp Optional

Design optimised by means of finite elements

Totally automated ecological filter, maximum productivity and cost savings

Easy integration of workpiece and electrode changing robots

Guaranteed long-lasting precision.Direct measurement of positioning using linear scales in ten-thousandths.

Powerful CNC that can control up to 8 axes simultaneously and is capable of working in 3D without limitations.

The generator of the QX machines allows an improvement in the performance of the machine in fine finishing processes which makes it possible to achieve a final minimum roughness in the order of 0.08 µm Ra.

New possibilities in the finishing of microcomponents, enabling the production of corners with minimum internal radii of only 5 microns.

Rotating electrode changer for 20 or 40 electrodes.

JumpOrbitSystem (JOS). El novedoso Sistema JOS reduce el tiempo de ejecución de los trabajos de erosión que realizan órbitas. El Sistema define qué áreas de la órbita han sido ya finalizadas y sólo erosiona en las zonas donde es necesario.