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Unprecedented flexibility. The large scale ONA AV MODULAR series, uses a modular design to allow many configurations. Each customer can configure, with a great flexibility, the machine that meets his exact requirements.

This new series utilizes pre-built axes modules to drastically reduce machine assembly time.Each customer can get a custom system for the same price and lead time as a standard machine.

Manifold configurations of X-Y-Z travels:

  • X travel: 800, 1000, 1500 or 2000 mm. / 31.5, 39.4, 59.0 or 78.7 in.
  • Y travel: 600, 800, 1000 or 1300 mm. / 23.6, 31.5, 39.4 or 51.2 in.
  • Z travel: 500, 600, 700 or 800 mm. / 19.7, 23.6, 27.5 or 31.5 in.

Highly rigid mechanical structure, constructed of stabilized fine grained cast iron blended with graphite, fixed bedframe machine, that allows work pieces up to 10.000 kg.

Maximum productivity. The new ONA AV MODULAR machines are noted for the high cutting speed (450 mm2/minute with wire of 0.33 mm diameter and 370 mm2/minute with wire of 0.30 mm diameter) and low maintenance costs, thanks to the ecological filtration system, ONA AquaPrima, which does not require replaceable cartridges.

Surface integrity 100% preserved. The ONA AV MODULAR series includes the ONA Easycut generator, which provides a cut that is 100% free from electrolyte corrosion, without affecting the speed, and while preserving the surface integrity of the material being cut.

Up to 8 CNC-controlled axes. The AV models incorporate a cutting-edge CNC with a 23-inch touchscreen capable of controlling 8 axes, 7 of them simultaneously, enabling the machine to include two rotating axes entirely controlled by the CNC

Spools holder for spools of upto 45kg. Implementation (in standard mode) of a wire feeding system which has been designed for all kinds of spools upto DIN 355 (45kg).

X-axis travel 1500 mm 59 in
Y-axis travel  1000 / 1300 mm 39.4 / 51.2 in
Z-axis travel  600 / 700 / 800 mm 23.6 / 27.6 / 31.5 in
Maximum workpiece dimensions    Large 1950 mm 76.8 in
Wide 1600 mm 63 in
High 600 mm 23.6 in
Allowable weight on table 10000 kg 22000 Ibs
U/V-axes travel 500 x 500 mm 19.7 x 19.7 in
Maximum angle of conical cut (optionally ±45º) +/- 30º / 400 mm +/- 30º / 15.8 in
Wire diameter 0.20 / 0.33 mm 0.008 – 0.013 in
Maximum cutting speed 360 mm2/min - Ø 0.30 mm (Xcc wire) 34 in2/hr - Ø 0.01 in (Xcc wire)

(*) Ask details for the different possible configurations. The indicated data correspond to the smaller machine configuration of each model. 

Additional elements:
Erosion EXPERT SYSTEM Standard
AUTOMATIC STRATEGY (eliminates G-code programming) Standard
CAD CAM software  Optional
Patented mineral filtering system (No maintenance) Optional
Programmable “Z” axis positioning Standard
Full automatic wire threading (AWT) and rethreading Standard
Rise and fall tank door Standard
Wire choper Standard
Hands controller Standard

Easycut digital generator, which ensures maximum productivity and excellent quality

Highly robust mechanical components that guarantee long-lasting precision

100% ecological filtration without replaceable cartridges

Protection system with highly sensitive load sensors

Manifold combinations of X-Y-Z travels

Wire spools holder system for spools up to 45 kg (standard)

Extremely simple and user-friendly user interface with a 23-inch touchscreen.

Surface integrity 100% guaranteed