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Máximum productivity. The ONA AF machines are noted for the high cutting speed (450 mm2/minute with wire of 0.33 mm diameter) and low maintenance costs, thanks to the ecological filtration system, ONA AquaPrima, which does not require replaceable cartridges.

Surface integrity 100% preserved. The ONA AF series includes the ONA Easycut generator, which provides a cut that is 100% free from electrolyte corrosion, without affecting the speed, and while preserving the surface integrity of the material being cut  (best surface finish: 0.2 µm Ra – 6 VDI).

6 axes controlled by the CNC. The AF models incorporate the latest generation CNC, ONA-W64, able to control 6 axes, 5 of them (B, X, Y, U, V) at the same time, enabling the machine to incorporate a rotation axis which is totally controlled by the CNC.

Great versatility. Also of note is the huge versatility offered by this new family of machines for a large variety of tasks, as they are designed to operate with any type of wire; from 0.1 mm to 0.33 mm diameter.

X-axis travel  400 mm 15.7 in
Y-axis travel 300 mm 11.8 in
Z-axis travel 250 mm 9.8 in
Maximum workpiece dimensions Large 700 mm 27.6 in
Wide 650 mm 25.6 in
High 250 mm 9.8 in
U-V axes travel  120 mm x 120 mm 4.7 x 4.7 in
Maximum angle of conical cut (optionally ±45º) +/- 30º / 87 mm +/- 30º / 87 mm
Wire diameter range 0.10 mm – 0.33 mm 0.003 – 0.013 in
Maximum cutting speed 450 mm2/min - Ø 0.33 mm (Xcc wire) 42 in2/hr - Ø 0.013 in (Xcc wire)
Minimum roughness 0,2 µm Ra 0,2 µm Ra
Additional elements:
Erosion EXPERT SYSTEM Standard
"Automatic Strategy" (eliminates G-code programming) Standard
CAD CAM software ESPRIT GOLD Optional
Patented mineral filtering system (no maintenance) Standard
Programmable "Z" axis positioning Standard
Programmable dielectric-fluid pressure Standard
Full automatic wire threading (AWT) and rethreading Standard
Wire choper Optional
Hands controller Standard

Technological tables for high-precision cutting.

Automatic system for precision conical-cutting.

Expert system for wire-cut EDM

Easycut digital generator, which ensures maximum productivity and excellent quality

Highly robust mechanical components that guarantee long-lasting precision

CNC ONA W64 with fast, simple and automated operation

100% ecological filtration without replaceable cartridges

Automatic generation of programs

Verification by laser of the position of each axis according to VDI 3441 standards

Checking of circularity according to ISO 230-4




In the PSA Peugeot Citroen process of manufacturing trimming dies, wire EDM is employed both in the manufacturing of new dies and in the process of reusing the dies that have been heavily used.