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We are EDM. It is in our origins, it’s within us.

It is the commitment we made when
we started out and which we have
stood by after more than 60 years
of experience.

The cornerstone of our work that gives meaning to everything we do: EDM. We maintain a firm commitment to this technology, which has enabled us to be leaders and a reference in our sector in the past, now and in the future.

This is why we can now safely say, with modesty and conviction: we are EDM. In saying that we are EDM, we are committing ourselves to being a particular kind of company and adopting behaviours which we are proud of:


We are specialists in EDM, focused on the research and development of EDM MACHINE technologies.


We adapt our knowledge and resources to find the best solution for our customers.


More than 60 years of experience, 14,000 machines installed, a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge and a promising future.


We guarantee productivity 100%. We offer quality, guarantees and results. Because we are fully confident in our technology.


Four values define the way we are and allow us to say WE ARE EDM. Everything we do at ONA is guided by these four principles which all the ONA teams throughout the world share, defend and promote.


We are proud of the talent and ability of our team, of the power of the technology and of the quality of our solutions.

We want to tell you what hard work, determination and talent has enabled us to achieve: to become leaders in EDM. We are proud of this, of more than 60 years' experience, of all the machines that have been installed and of our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.


The talent of our team and our technological capability allows us to adapt our knowledge and resources to find the best solution for each customer. We do not sell machines, we sell an intelligent solution.

We listen to our customers and develop customised solutions which are tailored to each of them.


Such is our history and our spirit, our willingness to improve and to succeed: courageous, confident, ambitious and committed. This is because we are convinced that we can always be better and we know that this is the only attitude that will enable us to continue to grow, continue to improve, and continue to lead.

This is the way we are and it is our approach to the future: proactive, confident in our abilities and, above all, demanding of ourselves and our work.


Our technological know-how goes beyond mere knowledge. At ONA we talk about control, precision, technique, because we are masters in technology and continually provide the resources necessary to stay one step ahead.

It is the soul of the brand, our added value, and what the customer expects from us: the technological expertise of an expert who knows all the applications and possibilities of EDM.

The activities of ONA's own R&D&I centre are reinforced by the partnerships we maintain with different national and international technological agents, both continuously and according to needs. These include:

  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the School of Engineering in Bilbao (University of the Basque Country)
  • The IK4-Tekniker research and technology organisation.
  • The TECNALIA research and technology organisation.
  • The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) at the University of Aachen (RWTH).