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We are EDM. It is in our origins, it’s within us.

It is the commitment we made when
we started out and which we have
stood by after more than 60 years
of experience.

The cornerstone of our work that gives meaning to everything we do: EDM. We maintain a firm commitment to this technology, which has enabled us to be leaders and a reference in our sector in the past, now and in the future.

This is why we can now safely say, with modesty and conviction: we are EDM. In saying that we are EDM, we are committing ourselves to being a particular kind of company and adopting behaviours which we are proud of:


We are specialists in EDM, focused on the research and development of EDM MACHINE technologies.


We adapt our knowledge and resources to find the best solution for our customers.


More than 60 years of experience, 14,000 machines installed, a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge and a promising future.


We guarantee productivity 100%. We offer quality, guarantees and results. Because we are fully confident in our technology.



A firm commitment to ethical, honest, truthful, responsible behaviour, eschewing any falsehood, deception and malpractice, complying with the applicable legislation.

A firm commitment on the part of the company and all its employees in their day to day activities.

To ensure compliance with these basic principles of action the company has a code of conduct in place at its various departments


Proximity to and in-depth knowledge of the needs, motivations and expectations of present and future customer­s.

The priority must be to establish relationships based on mutual trust and strive to be their best technology partner for EDM by always offering fast responses and solutions which add value and by carrying through on all commitments undertaken on quality and lead times.


Fostering the active pursuit of new proposals and new challenges that the market may prov­ide (strategic customers, target sectors, etc.), avoiding improvisation, standing out­ from competitors and establishing priorities in line with the capacities available.

Finding the best solution for the customer in each project, weighing up needs against price and reliability.


Unlimited cooperation between all employees of the company to attain its overall goals by sharing information, expertise and experience. This must be based on respect and humility, initiative, engagement, empathy, discipline, the ability ­to listen, willingness to take on responsibility and treating others as we would like them to treat us.


Firm commitment by everyone to doing things better every day, looking for the satisfaction of a job well done in not just meeting but exceeding expectations in-house and on the part of customers.

In all areas of our work. In the quality of our products, in improving internal pro­cesses, in costs, in internal communications, in people management and in customer service; and realising that our financial results are the means for carrying forward the ONA project.


Complete satisfaction on feeling that we are an integral part of the company and the ONA project. But with our feet on the ground and without straying into overconfidence, complacency, arrogance or a feeling of superiority.